Born with the genetic memories of their ancestors, Kaltorans are an innately gifted and flexible race. They are eager to make a new future for themselves, though they struggle with the “genetic memories” of not only the Great X’ion War but the extreme measures taken by their ancestors to survive it.

Play a Kaltoran if you:
»» Value friends and family above all else.
»» Want to be a space rogue.
»» Make spontaneous decisions.
»» Like to make lots of different Skill Rolls.
»» Enjoy tactile and dirty technology.
»» Distrust greedy Corporates.

Physical Qualities
»» Average Height: 1.65m.
»» Average Weight: 70kg.
»» Average Life Span: 120 years.
»» Dreadlock hair.
»» Four pointed ears.

Home World: Kadash
A holy planet of the Kaltoran people during their golden age of favour with the Archons, and terraformed into a paradise planet by the ancient humans, Kadash was once a jewel of their empire.

During the Great X’ion War, the losing Kaltorans continually fell back in a fighting retreat. Kadash was their last stand. In a final effort to survive, the Kaltorans modified ancient human terraforming equipment to vaporise much of the water on the planet’s surface, wracking their world with violent storms and tidal waves.

The Kaltorans dug beneath the ocean floors and deep into the planet’s crust, making new cities for themselves. These cities are complex tangles of caverns and tunnels woven around large hollow chambers, making use of extensive life support systems and airlocks to allow free access to their ancient submersible spacecraft.

Kaltoran Culture
Everything revolves around family for a Kaltoran, a core trait reinforced by the genetic memories that each Kaltoran passes down to their children.

For almost a hundred years after the Great X’ion War, the Kaltorans went to extreme measures to survive, descending into brutal tribalism and cannibalism, horrors and survival instincts that are now passed on to every Kaltoran. Overcompensating for the failures of their ancestors, Kaltorans are often overly optimistic, passionate, and eager for a clean slate and a better future.

With large families and limited living space, they have learnt to make the most of their limited resources, creating eclectic and dense subterranean cities. Kaltoran businesses are frequently run from within family homes or directly from a spacecraft’s cargo hold, often selling raw minerals, fish, or weapons.

Kaltorans have a very small and focused government that only deals with major social concerns. Local laws are dictated by prominent family Elders and popular opinion. Few rules are enforced, but those that are, are often dealt with severely and quickly: all Kaltorans carry a weapon – even children and especially the elderly.

Common Characteristics
Cunning, driven, fun-loving, inquisitive, friendly, loyal, opportunistic, optimistic, and thrifty.

—Fragged Empire Core Rule Book, p23


Degrees of Success Ozasuke