A physically imposing race, hastily created by the Archons to fight their losing war against X’ion, the Legion now struggle to create a stable society and to find meaning without a war to fight. In recent times the Legion have formed a close economic relationship with the Corporation, acting as enforcers for hire.

Play a Legion if you:
»» Value honour, duty, respect, and skill.
»» Want to be a space soldier.
»» Want to be tough.
»» Love big guns and heavy armour.
»» Can hold a grudge.
»» Distrust monsters.

Physical Qualities
»» Average Height: 2.4m.
»» Average Weight: 180kg.
»» Average Life Span: 60 years.
»» Scaled, lizard-like skin.
»» Often large and muscular.

Home World: Cerberus Prime
The Legion continued to fight for decades after the Great War, employing guerrilla warfare tactics against the remaining Nephilim forces. But supplies grew thin and the Legion needed a home. They chose the Cerberus system.

With only three planets orbiting a large, unstable star, the Cerberus system was chosen as a home for its defensive attributes and because its third frozen planet was ideal for Legion physiology.

While the Legion no longer consider themselves at war, they are very insular and are suspicious of outsiders entering their territory. They will often search merchant ships and escort travellers to make sure they don’t wander.

Secondary Planet: Lilith
The outermost planet of the Haven system, Lilith is a cold tri-mooned world that functions as a base of operations for the Legion. They use the world to facilitate their interactions with the other races and provide refuge for working Legion mercenaries.

Legion Culture
Created by the Archons to be resilient and skilled warriors, these traits have not helped to create a sustainable society during the hundred years following the Great X’ion War. Choosing to have a family or take on full-time civilian work is considered a great and noble sacrifice.

Legion culture is very rigid with many heavily enforced laws. Very protective of their homes, few outsiders are able to visit their small and heavily fortified cities. Settlements have few businesses, as food and other supplies are distributed according to need.

A lot changed for the Legion after they made contact with the other races. The attraction of living a life of action has proven a strong incentive for many Legion. Giving up their pursuit of a self-sustaining society, many now act as mercenaries and enforcers, especially for the Corporation. Old grudges have made interactions with the Nephilim difficult, but the situation is currently stable. They enjoy a natural comradeship with the Kaltorans as they share similar goals despite their contrasting natures.

Common Characteristics
Efficient, focused, honourable, loyal, organised, protective, proud, and stubborn.

—Fragged Empire Core Rule Book, p25


Degrees of Success Ozasuke