Nephilim: A junk-word term used to describe the diverse descendants of X’ion’s genetically engineered army. Created to wage war on the Archons and their creations, before being abandoned by their creator, X’ion, once the war was won.

The Nephilim have an eclectic, primal, and often violent society supported by advanced biological technology. While publicly no longer loyal to X’ion, many Nephilim pursue genetic perfection at any cost.

Play a Nephilim if you:
»» Value innate ability and science over all else.
»» Are motivated by intellect and instinct.
»» Like to defy presumptions.
»» Possibly want to look like a monster.
»» Believe the end always justifies the means.
»» Don’t mind modifying your body and genetics.

Physical Qualities
»» Average Height: 1-2.5m.
»» Average Weight: 50-290kg.
»» Average Life Span: 20-300 (est.) years.
»» Wide range of appearances.
»» Often have features of mammals, fish, and/or insects.

Home World: Eden
Before the Great X’ion War, Eden was the Kaltoran home world. Once covered in thriving megacities, lush forests, and great lakes, it is now a wasteland of deserts, salt plains, and ruins. Its surface is littered with giant craters, radiation, poisonous gases, and roaming monsters.

Decades after the Great War and without supplies, the Nephilim ships slowly fell into disrepair. In a desperate attempt to survive, they landed (or according to some, crashed) many of their ships onto the surface of Eden.

Over the remains of these ancient warships, the Nephilim built Necronus, a towering black metal and biological city. The weak masses live amongst the crumpled bases of its many towers, while the most powerful live at the top – a position that must be constantly maintained through force and influence as their towers continue to grow taller.

Nephilim Culture
Life is cheap in this brutal society that values both intelligence and strength. Largely shaped by perceived genetic superiority, the Nephilim split themselves into three broad categories: Purebloods, Hybrids, and Emissaries.

Purebloods are ancient Nephilim who fought in the Great War or are pure blood descendants of those that did. Often large and imposing, they are a living reminder of their people’s past service to their creator, X’ion.

Hybrids are the diverse and mixed offspring of the Purebloods. Diverse in appearance and nature, Hybrids make up the bulk of the Nephilim population.

Emissaries are the newest of the Nephilim. Created only a few years ago, they are born fully grown, with a head full of knowledge and memories that are not their own. With the aim of alleviating cultural tension with the other races, they are bred with a physical form closer to those of their former enemies. However, their Nephilim form is not hidden, only softened.

Nephilim culture has very few laws and is only stabilized by the self-serving wills of its powerful leaders, who are largely unconcerned with the masses.

While the Nephilim are easily the most powerful military force in the Haven system, they know that long-term survival and prosperity depends on their forming some kind of functional relationship with the other races – a feat that is incredibly difficult given their war history, old ties to X’ion, appearance, and brutal culture.

Common Characteristics
Blunt, dismissive, focused, proud, honest, instinctual, intelligent, ruthless, and fierce.

Common Names
Beytah, Hegh, Heghta, Hraks, Huch, Jagh, Jatmey, Lonta, Mangghom, Ngabtah, Porghmey, Qeh, Qehpu, Sagh, Yempu, or Wabmey.

—Fragged Empire Core Rule Book, p.27


Relationship with Other Races
The Eden Brood is the clear military power in the Haven system and could destroy the other races should they wish it. But knowing that they are ill-equipped to survive on their own, the Devwi-Ich has declared a status of non-aggression towards the other races.

Though they do not wield their military strength, that strength does act as the unmentioned bargaining chip for interracial negotiations, forcing the other races to take the Nephilim seriously.

When the Corporation first arrived in the Haven system, they were struggling to survive and colonise the gas giant Alabaster. In an unrepeated sign of compassion, the newly awoken Devwi-Ich had the Eden Brood assist the Corporation with supplies, labour, and help in using their living spacecraft.

This cooperation continues to this day through peaceful trade, in exchanges of cheap Nephilm labour, in the form of biologically engineered drones called Flesh, for Corporation-harvested fuel.

Struggle to Find Allies
The Eden Brood harbours no ill will towards those who used to be their enemies in the Great X’ion War, but this feeling is not mutual. Although the Nephilim are keen to make alliances with the Legion and Kaltorans, both of these races have been reluctant to do so. The Kaltorans have genetic memories of the atrocities that the Nephilim committed against them, and the Legion were built to combat the Nephilim. To overcome these problems, the Devwi-Ich has adopted a strategy of interdependence: if the other races can be made to rely on the Eden Brood to the extent that their help cannot be refused, then alliances will come about naturally.

To ameliorate their common diplomatic troubles, the Nephilim have created a new genus to curb public opinion of their monstrous nature, This new genus is known as the Emissaries.

Not only fashioned to look more like the other races, their brains have been engineered for greater empathy and understanding. Emissaries are born fully grown with memories and experiences implanted directly into their minds, allowing them to be fully functional from the moment of their creation. They are given the singular task of simply mingling with the other races, acclimatising them to the Nephilim and easing their concerns simply through proximity.

Feral Nephilim
When left to their own devices and without the guidance of a strong leader (such as the Devwi-Ich), the Nephilim often devolve into purely survival-driven animals or primitive savages; such Nephilim are considered feral. The Devwi-Ich is constantly working towards bringing powerful Feral Nephilim into its brood, whereas the other races would rather simply destroy them. However, the Devwi-Ich and its brood harbour no ill will to the other races should they decide to kill a Feral Nephilim.

—Fragged Empire Core Rule Book, p.247

The Nephilim were clear leaders in science and technology in the Haven system until the Palantor entered the scene. The Palantor have access to powerful and ancient technologies, many of which are electronic technologies that even the Archons could not re-create. The Nephilim and Palantor are scientific rivals, each working to prove their own methods superior, a struggle of biotech versus electronics. However, each race respects the other for their intelligence, ingenuity, and pragmatism.

The Ursai fought alongside the Nephilim during the Great War; some old Pureblood Nephilim and resurrected Remnant still remember fighting side-by-side. While it was not the Eden Brood that ultimately turned on the Ursai, all Nephilim were involved in their extermination, so any reminiscing is always bittersweet.

Overall, the Nephilim regard the Remnant with a passive curiosity bordering on indifference. The Remnant’s cult of X’ion is a small concern to the Eden Brood, who see the cult as only an ideological threat, since the Devwi-Ich publicly cut all ties with X’ion.

The Twi-Far have very little to offer the Eden Brood. The Twi-Far have few resources, and the Nephilim have no interest in their art or culture. Even the Faren are only a passing curiosity to the Eden Brood, as the Faren have no DNA to manipulate or study. Furthermore, the Twi-Far have brought the Zhou with them to Haven, putting the Eden Brood in significant danger.

However, the Twi-Far have presented the Eden Brood with an opportunity to gain influence and power in Haven through an open war with a rival Nephilim brood, the Oni. Thriving in conflict, the Nephilim hope that the other races will put aside old prejudices and make new, favourable trade agreements when they realise that they need the Eden Brood’s might. The Eden Brood will play the part of ally until the Oni are defeated, but then either the Twi-Far will help the Nephilim find and destroy the Zhou or face the wrath of the Devwi-Ich.

As far as the Nephilim are concerned, the Zhou are not people – they are bacteria, a weapon designed to destroy and devour all things. The fact that this bacteria has managed to create the semblance of a society is a credit to the bacteria’s creator, not to the Zhou themselves.

The Zhou bacteria has a destructive capability unfathomable to the other races; they are a threat to the Haven system and to the Eden Brood. Not wanting to strike too early and risk waking the Zhou’s true nature, the Devwi-Ich bides its time. Should the Zhou begin to pose a threat, though, no options are off the table for the Nephilim.
—Fragged Empire: Protagonist Archive, p.105



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