Cerberus_System-Cerberus_Prime.jpg It is over 10,000 years into the future
Earth is forgotten.

Humanity is dead
Genetic erosion brought on by thousands of years of apathy.

There are many genetically engineered descendants
Created by the eugenicist Archons (heirs to humanity) or the vengeful monster X’ion.

A genocidal war has ravaged the known galaxy
X’ion won, killing the Archons, destroying their empire, and then abandoning his army to vanish without a trace. This event threw the galaxy into a century of brutal tribalism.

The descendant races have re-entered space
After a 100 years of isolation from each other, the known universe has changed and filled with uncertainty.

Four of the remaining races have banded together
Not out of a common direction but out of necessity. No one knows where this new society is headed, but they need each other.

Each race is struggling for survival
Fragged Empire is a post-post-apocalyptic game that takes place over 10,000 years in the future. The apocalypse is the complete destruction of the Archon race, leaving its many creations of dependent races to fend for themselves. After about a century of reestablishing their respective societies, they re-emerge into space and come in contact with each other. Their fragile relationships are reinforced by their need for each other in order to survive.

“Degrees of Success” is a campaign set in this universe. Fragged Empire’s setting of the Haven System is used in this campaign with the starting races of Corporation, Kaltoran, Legion, and Nephilim populating the system. Fragged Empire: Protagonist Archive is also used with the additional races of Palantor, Remnant, Twi-Far, and Zhou and related settings. Finally, Fragged Empire: Antagonist Archive is used for additional settings, factions, and lore.

Fragged Empire’s 3d6+modifier test system is replaced with Tiny Frontiers Revised’s 2d6 success test system. Everything else is mechanically intact from Fragged Empire with minimal translations needed for Tiny Frontier Revised. This allows for quicker, cinematic combat and streamline skill checks without sacrificing character customization & progression and economy & inventory management. The result is more narrative development balanced with memorable interactions and engagements.

A new season is underway with a few returning players and a couple new players. However successful they are, they may find themselves struggling to survive or doing enough to get by in the unforgiving universe. There are jobs to take, threats to encounter, artifacts to uncover, and a whole galaxy to explore.

Degrees of Success

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