Everyday Skills Traits

Wealth Traits

  • Always Prepared (Min Res 6): Your second weapon costs less
  • Barter: Once per session, lose a Trade Box to re-roll Trade Goods/Wealth Roll with a bonus
  • Business (Min Res 5; Min Inf 5): You have your own business that nets you additional resources when you sell Trade Boxes and additional influence when you publish your research
  • Black Market: Better at finding and selling illegal equipment or information
  • Optimisation: More equipment slots and spacecraft Cargo size

Conversation Traits

  • Actor: You can better persuade others and act your way out of trouble
  • Charming: You’re better at gaining trust from others
  • Friendly: Better relationship with your contacts and companions
  • Pheromones (Nephilim): Better at Conversation and temporarily have someone fall in love with you with a Strong Hit
  • Pick Thought (Psionic): Strong Hits secretly allows you to read the surface thoughts of a non-Robot character
  • Taunt: Better at distracting the attention of an NPC through abuse or baited communication

Leadership Traits

  • Guide: Better assist your allies and understand other cultures
  • Inspiration (Min Foc 3): Adjacent allies gain more defense and Strong Hits will aid in Recovery, but NPCs will easily remember you
  • Intimidating: Charge Actions give more defense and Strong Hits will debuff enemies’ defenses within sight, but NPCs will easily remember you
  • Management: Bonuses for assiting others and being assisted yourself
  • Mind Haze (Psionic; Secret Kn): Strong Hits causes non-Robots to forget the last hour
  • Negotiator: Gain a free Trade Goods Spare Time roll per session
  • Recruiter: Drones and companions are cheaper

Culture Traits

  • Archaeologist: Better understanding of History and Archaeology
  • Faction Trained: Better chance to hit with weapons that match your race or culture, but less chance to hit with weapons that don’t match
  • Fashion Sense: Better Conversation and Wealth OR Leadership and Command (choose one upon selection)
  • Jack of All Trades: All untrained Professional and Vehicle System skill penalties are reduced
  • Laws and Customs: Gain a better understanding laws and customs to exploit legal and cultural difficulties
  • Streetwise: Gain a contact, improve your chances to find information, and better chance to blind into crowds and societies

Physical Traits

  • Acrobatics (Min Ref 2; Min Mov 2): You’re more acrobatic
  • Capacity Training (Min Str 3): You can carry more equipment
  • Reaction Training (Min Ref 3; Min Foc 3; Min Per 3): Better defense
  • Regular Work Out (Min Foc 3): Better Endurance and Recovery
  • Thief (Min Ref 3; Min Per 3): Better Awareness, Stealth, and chances to Sleight of Hand

Resolve Traits

  • Dedicated (Min Foc 3): You may reroll a failed Spare Time Roll once with a penalty
  • Faith: Better Fate and maximum influence, but a complication in which you must follow your religious code
  • Fearless: Immune to Strong Hit: Intimidate and can ignore the first non-Legion Suppression effect against you each turn
  • Grav Reflection: Upon a Strong Hit, utilize the electro-gravity of your weapon, outfit, or utility item to reflect the weapon attack made against you
  • Hatred: More damage against prejudiced targets and a Strong Hit to inflict Endurance damage to your target AND you, but you must gain a prejudice against a race/group and won’t be able to cover yourself as well from them
  • Loyalty: You’re loyal to a non-Drone character (PC or NPC) and gain better defense and chance to hit when in the same cover as them, but receive Endurance damage when they are damaged
  • Mind Worm (Psionic): Strong Hits debuff non-Robot targets to not gain attribute bonuses to their rolls for their next action
  • Relentless: Better recovery, but you have much less Endurance

Awareness Traits

  • Alert (Min Foc 3; Min Per 3): Better defense against stealth and impairment and Overwatch may be taken as a free action during another character’s action (at the GM discretion)
  • Deduction (Min Int 3): Better chances to hit and analytics and Analyse Action also reveals target’s attributes, skills, health, and equipment
  • Luminescent (Nephilim or Twi-Far): You can glow when you want that will reduce all Low Light Cover penalties by one step within range of you and a Strong Hit will provide cover through a burst of light, but it’s more difficult to be stealthy
  • Natural Sense: A small boost in combat and defense stats
  • Perfect Aim: Easier to hit with a range boost
  • Smuggler: Better at hiding and finding hidden objects and may be able to create secret cargo space on a spacecraft


  • Chef: Better management of food supplies and resupply
  • Makeshift: Better chances at crafting non-Weapons and Outfits
  • Self-Reliant: More aware of self and surroundings with bonus to Modification Spare Time Rolls, but characters trying to assist you suffer a penalty to their roll
  • Tracker: Better chances at tracking targets
  • Urban: Bonus to Survival rolls in urban environments
  • Wilderness: Bonus to Survival rolls in wilderness environments

Everyday Skills Traits

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