Misc Items and Services


  • Access to Workshop (Cost: 10t)
  • Access to Dedicated Workshop (Cost: 16t)
  • Access to Storage Space (Cost: 10t)
  • Enforcer Backup (Cost: 14t)
  • Long Distance Spacecraft Travel (Cost: 14t)

Medical and Spacecraft Repair

  • Extended Care (Cost: 2x 12t)
  • Surgery (Cost: 2x 14t)
  • Maintenance (Cost: 2x 10t)
  • Rebuild (Cost: 2x 14t)
  • Change Out (Cost: 14t)

Environmental Equipment

  • Flash Light (Cost: 6t)
  • 2 Flares (Cost: 8t)
  • Specific Environmental Equipment (Cost: 12t)
  • Survival Rations (Cost: 8t)
  • Pallet of Supplies (Cost: 8t)
  • Food Supplies (Cost: 10t)

Computer Equipment

  • Head Set (Cost: 12t)
  • Satellite Backpack (Cost: 14t)
  • Translator (Cost: 18t)
  • Non-Combat Drone (Cost: 14t)
  • GPS and Mapping Computer (Cost: 12t)


  • Toolkit (Cost: 6t)
  • Multi Tool (Cost: 12t)
  • Small Toolbox (Cost: 18t)
  • Toolbox (Cost: 14t)
  • Omni Tool (Cost: 20t)


  • Workbench (Cost: 10t)
  • Workshop (Cost: 14t)
  • Dedicated Workshop (Cost: 16t)


  • Advanced Medical Supplies (Cost: 12t)
  • Flesh Rejuvenator (Cost: 14t)
  • Stim Cocktail (Cost: 8t)
  • Clear Shot (Cost: 12t)
  • Psi Stim (Cost: 14t)
  • Pack of Draz (Cost: 14t)
  • Street Draz (Cost: 12t)
  • Pure Draz (Cost: 18t)

Example Toolkit

  • Wrench (Cost: 6t)
  • Soldering Iron (Cost: 6t)
  • Hand Computer (Cost: 6t)
  • Sample Jar (Cost: 6t)
  • Bandages (Cost: 6t)
  • Emotion Reader (Cost: 6t)
  • Hand Telescope (Cost: 6t)
  • Prospectors Pick (Cost: 6t)

Example Toolbox

  • Bank Card (Cost: 18t)
  • Briefcase of Clothes (Cost: 14t)
  • Uniform with Insignia (Cost: 18t)
  • Digital Encyclopedia (Cost: 14t)
  • Sports Kit (Cost: 14t)
  • Psi Inhibitor (Cost: 14t)
  • Criminology Kit (Cost: 14t)
  • Cooking Set (Cost: 14t)
  • Mechanics Toolbox (Cost: 14t)
  • Electricians Tool Belt (Cost: 14t)
  • Portable Computer (Cost: 14t)
  • Chemistry Kit (Cost: 14t)
  • First Aid Kit (Cost: 14t)
  • Neural Probe (Cost: 14t)
  • Telescope (Cost: 14t)
  • Geology Kit (Cost: 14t)

Example Workshop

  • Office Space (Cost: 14t)
  • Voice Analysis System (Cost: 14t)
  • Conference Room (Cost: 14t)
  • Library (Cost: 14t)
  • Gym (Cost: 14t)
  • Sanctuary (Cost: 14t)
  • Forensic Lab (Cost: 14t)
  • Kitchen and Pantry (Cost: 14t)
  • Spacecraft Repairshop (Cost: 14t)
  • Repair Workspace (Cost: 14t)
  • Software Lab (Cost: 14t)
  • Genetic Engineering Lab (Cost: 14t)
  • Med Bay (Cost: 14t)
  • Neural Analysis Lab (Cost: 14t)
  • Observatory (Cost: 14t)
  • Surveyor’s Lab (Cost: 14t)

Misc Items and Services

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