From orbit, Mishpacha is a world of deep blues and vibrant greens. Her three giant continents betray little sign of civilisation, covered in verdant, undulating carpets of rain forest, broken only by jutting volcanic mountain ranges rising like the bared teeth of Mishpacha’s many deep and forlorn valleys.

Once a Kaltoran world, her wild reaches are populated with idyllic flora and fauna born of the gloried powers and imaginations of the Archons. Mishpacha is the only unclaimed world in the Haven system – a frontier, offering asylum to the wicked and persecuted alike.

This beautiful hermit’s world, seductive in its striking colours, and beckoning with promises of treasure and freedom, hides a deadly bioweapon-ravaged landscape. The Nephilim mutagenic bombardment at the height of the War sowed the seeds of horrifying mutant flora, whose sweet scents and alluring colours conceal mortal poisons and lethal tropisms. After X’ion abandoned them, the Nephilim left entire armies behind on Mishpacha, surrendering them to the mutagen-laced environs which twisted these lost troops into the teeming feral herds that now plague Mishpacha’s dark jungles.
—Fragged Empire Core Rule Book, p270



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