“… A genetically engineered race, created to replace humanity.”

Gregory paused for a moment; any thought of his creators, the Archons, brought up complex thoughts and feelings.

“They iz like your negligant parenttz and myz estranged grandparents,” Grofix mused. He never quite knew how to think of the Archons. But he momentarily put these thoughts to the side; very soon Gregory would get to his creator, X’ion, and then the Great War. That is where his people came in.

“Not wanting to tread in the footprints of their creators, the Archons did not work towards rediscovering what humanity had formerly achieved. Rather, they pushed out in a different direction, most prominently in repopulating their inherited empire with their own genetically engineered creations. All in a effort to create the perfect race, to be called the X’ion.”

Gregory started to seethe as he brought to mind what the Archons had done to his people. Closing down his computer screen, he shared his own raw thoughts.

“They were terrible parents. Pouring their favour out on some, like the ridiculous Kaltorans, and limiting the potential of their ‘failed’ offspring… like us, the Corporation!” Gregory was almost standing now, from memories of what he and his people had gone through.

“Welz you showdz themz.”

“Yes… yes, we did… or more to the point, your people did.” Gregory sat back down. “But before we get to that, we need to talk about your own failed parent.”

Grofix’s expression remained unmoved.
—Fragged Empire Core Rule Book, p17


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