CURE_logo.jpg “Building a better, healthier future.”
-C.U.R.E. slogan

One of the youngest purveyors of medical services and technologies, C.U.R.E. exploded on the scene just three years ago under the able stewardship of CEO Stephen Lewis, a young Corporate entrepreneur brimming with equal parts swagger and business acumen.

Since its founding, C.U.R.E. has cornered a great deal of the medical market in Haven, even the infamously insular Cerberus systems. Many credit the company’s success to Stephen Lewis’s near prognostic ability to foretell medical disaster and to the company’s nimble speed at producing cures to sudden outbreaks of new viruses and other debilitating diseases.

Their PR campaigns showcase noble aid-worker types; clean-cut, bespectacled, paternal-looking doctors; and beautiful but demure nurses administering aid to the universe’s beleaguered everyman.
—Fragged Empire Antagonist Archive, p9


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