Rejected by their creators (the Archons) as inferior, the Corporation (formerly known as Vargarti) have grown to love the Great X’ion War because it freed them from an existence of insignificance and irrelevance. Discarding their racial identity, they are now eager to prove themselves. Not a nation in the classical sense, the Corporation is a massive corporate entity comprising millions of smaller, affiliated business enterprises – a purely capitalistic society.

Play a Corporate if you:
»» Value social power.
»» Value money and possessions.
»» Value the individual over the group.
»» Care about your appearance.
»» Want to be a space merchant.
»» Refuse to be defined by your genetics.

Physical Qualities
»» Average Height: 1.7m.
»» Average Weight: 75kg.
»» Average Life Span: 80 years.
»» Yellow patterned skin along neck, back, shoulders, and hairline.

Home World: Alabaster
Alabaster is a massive gas giant, rich in helium-3, with a single large moon and distinctive ring made of ice and rock particles, gathered as its orbit occasionally brings it close to the Monopoly asteroid belt.

The X’ion War left the Corporate home world, Varsphere, a desolate wasteland. After fifty years, the rediscovery of space travel enabled the (newly renamed) Corporates to search for a new home. Accessing Archon data banks, they were able to locate a rare gas giant in a nearby system that could be harvested for vital spacecraft fuel and other valuable chemicals. Naming the newly claimed planet “Alabaster”, they quickly set about building a new home for themselves.

The Corporation has built numerous large chemical-mining space stations in close orbit to the dangerous Alabaster atmosphere. These stations undergo constant repair and expansion, using asteroid-mined materials and imported supplies. Space travel around Alabaster often frustrates pilots, who face a relentless bombardment of digital advertisement and near-constant traffic deadlock.

Corporation Culture
Largely motivated by a desire for personal success and shaped by social expectations, Corporate culture is deceptively simple to outsiders. While most Corporates are materially well provided for, nearly all present an image of greater personal success than they have actually achieved, especially around other Corporates.

No matter how impoverished, every Corporate will have at least one set of expensive-looking clothes to wear in public. The most wealthy frequently throw extravagant parties to firmly establish public knowledge of their success.

Corporates mostly live on large, crowded, and hastily constructed space stations orbiting the gas giant Alabaster, with large central chambers full of garish advertisements and shops, and surrounded by large space ports.

The Corporates are the greatest unifying force in the Haven system – with most of their manual labour and production done by Nephilim-created biological drones called “Flesh”, law enforcement largely managed by the Legion, and even food and raw minerals provided for by trade with the often-troublesome Kaltorans.

Common Characteristics
Abrasive, decisive, entrepreneurial, organised, and pragmatic.

—Fragged Empire Core Rule Book, p21


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