The Great War

“When X’ion returned, it brought a diverse army of genetically engineered warriors.” Gregory looked at Grofix. “Your people, the Nephilim, as you have come to be named.”

“Myz mother fought during that warz.”

“Are many who fought in the war still alive?”

“Yes, manyz… at leastz a fifth of the peoplz from my city.” Grofix thought for a little while. “We callz the older Nephilim ‘Purebloods’. We suspectz sumz of them can livs for hundrez of yearz. Butz I am notz a Pureblood; I amz a ‘Hybrid’ as I comez from two different Pureblood species of parentz. Us Hybrids we is veryz diverse.”

“And what about the ‘Emissaries’? They are very similar to us.”

“Yezz, they is new… only made in the lastz few yearz. But we arz off topic; lez get back to the war.”

“Yes, well… while it was technically a war, it was closer to a slaughter. X’ion’s army of Nephilim and fleets of organic spacecraft laid waste to almost every world with nuclear, biological, and ground combat. Some of the Archons in their stupidity welcomed the war, thinking that it would not only test their children but also themselves.”

“Yuz, they werz tested… and found lacking. Theyz all deadz now.”

“Once X’ion had killed the last Archon, it just left. Abandoning its army, your people. No one knows why.”

Grofix did not know how to feel about this. He had not fought during the war and held no allegiance to his creator.
—Fragged Empire Core Rule Book, p18

The Great War

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