“After three thousand years and hundreds of new species, the Archons thought they had finally created the perfect race, worthy of the title ‘X’ion’.” Gregory rotated his chair to face the large transparent Synth Steel window, giving him a fantastic view of the large gas giant ‘Alabaster’ that his company’s space station was mining for fuel and other chemical compounds.

“Thatz iz correct,” Grofix also got up to look out the window. “Butz the Archonz change their minds, they think they notz worth it… how many X’ion had been made at this pointz?”

“Twelve… they were still in the genetics lab where they had been created. Not yet given their own world.” An awkward smile crossed his face as he voiced a thought: “Imagine if they had been given their own world and allowed to breed.”

“Thenz I darz say we would notz be talkin here as friendz.”

“True.” Gregory stood up to get a better view of the planet and the space station they were on. “The X’ion did not take the Archons’ removal of their title well. I imagine the fight that followed was brutal. But the X’ion did not stand a chance; the Archons flew in reinforcements and quickly killed all of the X’ion… all but one… He, she… it… does X’ion have a gender?”

“Don’t knowz.”

“Well ‘it’ stole a ship and fled out into uncharted space, the Archons giving chase for almost five years according to the local pub speculation.”

“It wouldz bee back.”

“Yes, but it’s worth talking about the changes to Archon culture first.”

Grofix turned to look directly at Gregory. This was the part of the story he had heard very little about. “The Archons became ideologically fractured over differing perspectives on ‘perfection’ and the need to test their existing children. Many Archons thought they needed trials of hardship to grow and prove themselves, while other Archons pushed for all current genetic projects to be halted.”

“Isnt itz strange that we carez about all zisss so muchz.”

“Not strange at all; in many ways our culture and history shape us more than our genetics.”

This idea was contrary to Grofix’s upbringing, where the nature of one’s birth defined one’s entire life. But if this belief was the result of his cultural upbringing, then it only added weight to Gregory’s point.

“History shapes us, especially momentous history, like war.”
—Fragged Empire Core Rule Book, p17


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